So, I went back and watched the Glee finale, and I realized that Finn’s dad’s uniform clearly says U.S. MARINES. Not the fucking Army. Also, in an earlier episode, Finn gets a MARINE CORPS dress blue uniform out of his dad’s trunk.
WTF, GLEE? WHY YOU HATIN’ ON THE MARINES? No offense to the Army, but I feel like the Marines have been almost dissed. If you’re gonna bring the military into the show, realize that ALL THE BRANCHES DO NOT FALL UNDER THE ARMY. In my head, I know that Finn is really going to Parris Island, South Carolina; not Fort Benning.

Sorry, the rantings of a cadet get a little nit-picky sometimes.

The Avengers was AWESOME.

Literally, this movie was so good! I haven’t seen any of the separate films (Captain America, the Hulk, Iron Man, Thor), but now I definitely will. Just another thing I get to watch over the summer :)