new gif challenge (every 5th gif)

if you were locked in a room with someone, what would you do?

if you had one day left to live, what would you do?

what would you do if you were a tribute in the hunger games?

how would you act if you were the last person on earth?

if you met your fave band?

if u met your fave singer?

if you sang the national anthem on live television?

if u married your celeb crush?

if u ate a whole cake by yourself?

if you went swimming in shark infested waters?

if your voice was used for a new disney princess?

if you became as famous as Justin Bieber?

if you watched spongebob for 24 hours with no breaks?

if you became a superhero?

if you never found anyone to love?

gif meme

This is you (18th gif):

This is your best friend (5th gif):

This is what your parents are like (20th gif):

What you do when you’re on your own (12th gif):

How strangers see you (30th gif):

How the same sex sees you (32th gif):

Your taste in music (Last gif):

If you had superpowers they would be (17th gif):

You in the morning (2nd gif):

Your thoughts in school (8th gif):

reaction to being asked out (24th gif):

Parents reaction to you going on your first date (1st gif):

What you do on Friday night (11th gif):

What you do on weekends (40th gif):

What you do in class when you should be listening to your teacher (5th to last gif):

Your feelings of the world (20th to last gif):

How you die (50th gif):

People at your funeral (10th to last gif):

Sherlock gif challenge

The 3rd gif in your folder is your reaction to first meeting Sherlock:

The 15th gif in your folder is how you feel when you first meet Moriarty:

The 6th gif in your folder is your reaction to watching Sherlock jump off of the roof of St Barts:

The 21st gif in your folder is how you feel when Irene Adler seduces you:

The 9th gif in your folder is the villain you will be hunting down with Sherlock and John:

The second to last gif in your folder expresses your relationship with Mycroft Holmes:

The 34th gif in your folder is what you say to John Watson when you first move in:

The very last gif in your folder is how you feel when Sherlock takes your pulse:

Spent all day watching Sherlock…

I think I’ve found my new favorite show :)

Finally on spring break…


Pippin’s voice…

Watching LotR finally! I haven’t seen it in far too long.

Everyone has six names.

1. Your Real name: Kelsey

2. Your detective name (Favorite color and favorite Animal): Yellow Elephant

3. Your soap opera name (middle name and street you live on): Nicole Fairway Ridge

4. Your Star wars name (first three letters of last name, first two of middle name, first two of first, last three of last): Painiketer

5. Superhero name (color of your shirt, first item to your immediate left): Grey Essay

6. Goth name (Black and one of your pets): Black Moses

That feeling you get right after taking a nap.


LotR gif meme

The 4th gif in your folder is your reaction to Bilbo disappearing at the party:

8th is your reaction to inheriting the One Ring:

10th is you finding out the Nazgul are after you and you must leave the Shire:

12th is the mysterious ranger you meet in the Prancing Pony:

19th is you after volunteering to take the Ring to Mordor:

22nd is your reaction to losing Gandalf to the Balrog in Moria:

25th is what you see in Galadriel’s Mirror:

30th is how you feel about going alone to Mordor:

34th is the loyal friend who follows you (or their feelings about you):

36th is your reaction to finding Boromir dead:

38th is Gollum (or what you think of him):

41st is what happens when you meet Gollum:

45th is the shieldmaiden who falls in love with you (or what you think of her):

48th; It is dawn on the fifth day - look to the east; who has come to turn the tide at Helm’s Deep?

52nd is you, waiting for the Ents to make a decision at Entmoot:

57th is your reaction upon winning the Battle of the Hornburg:

60th; Gollum has led you into a tunnel… The monster that awaits you there:

66th is the Ring’s effect on you so far:

68th; You’ve reached the Cracks of Doom and have to make a decision - how do you feel about destroying the ring?

72nd is your reaction when Gollum steals the Ring and falls into Mount Doom:

77th is your mood at Aragorn’s coronation:

80th is how you feel about being back in the Shire again:

83rd is your friends’ reactions when you board the ship to the Undying Lands: