gif game

This is you (18th Gif)

This is your best friend (5th Gif)

This is what your parents are like (20th gif)

What you do when you’re alone (12th gif)

How strangers see you (30th gif)

Your taste in music (last gif)

If you had super powers they would be (17th gif)

You in the morning (2nd gif):

Your thoughts at work (8th gif)

Your reaction to being asked out (24th gif)

What you do on a friday night (11th gif)

What you do on weekends (40th gif)

What you do when you should be working (5th to last gif)

Your feelings of the world (20th to last gif)

How you die (50th gif)

People at your funeral (10th to last)

Finally on spring break…


Look what my sister drew for me! DARREN CRISS. I love her so freaking much. :) <3 DARREN FREAKING CRISS. ALL MY FEELS.

Not doing any homework today…

All the StarKid fans (who also watch Glee) know what would REALLY make Blaine feel better:

My sister is making cake and I got to lick the spoon!

Me: So, Kurt's gonna have a secret admirer in the Valentine's Day episode of Glee.
My sister: So?
Me: I want to see a jealous Blaine! That'd be adorable!
sister: What if it is Blaine?
Me: That would be gay! Oh...wait.

Turns out I had 4 more followers than I thought I did.