glee gif challenge (using every 4th gif in your folder)

Your reaction to when you first walk into McKinley:

Your reaction when you discover what Glee club is:

The person who tells you what Glee club is:

Your Audition:

The New Directions reaction to your audition:

When you discover you got into Glee Club:

When you find out your Spanish teacher is the Glee Club Director:

Your first rival:

Your reaction after you first get slushied:

Your best friend in Glee club:

YAY! Sherlock!

your reaction to Sue:

Your reaction when you get your first Ms.Pillsbury pamphlet:

The first person you date in Glee Club:

Hermione?! But she can’t draw!

You when the New Directions plays at Sectionals:

The person you sing a duet with at Sectionals:


Your reaction when you win:

You when the New Directions plays at Regionals:

You when you meet the Warblers at Regionals:

Inaccurate. I would die if I met the Warblers!

Your reaction when you win:

The New Directions at Nationals:

Your reaction when you lose:

Your reaction as Santana is stabbing you for messing up your solo:

Gonna watch Thumbelina at midnight.

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Harry Potter Gif story (using every 3rd gif in folder)

Your reaction to getting your Hogwarts letter:

Your parents’ reaction:

You in Diagon Alley:

Boarding the Hogwarts Express:

Eating a Chocolate Frog:

Taking the boats across the lake:

Some people that talk to you:

What you think of being their friend:

Wearing the Sorting Hat:

Your House’s reaction when you sit at their table:

When you first see a ghost:

What you think of Professor Dumbledore:

What you do in class:

You and your friends are always doing this:

Your reaction to being called a Mudblood:

The person insulting you:

The first time you get points for your house:

What you get Detention for:

You in Detention:

You at Quidditch Trial:

When you get selected for the Quidditch Team:

Your friends’ reactions:

You asking someone to the Yule Ball:

Their reaction:

You at the Yule Ball:

You at the Quidditch Final:

Your reaction when you win:

You at the Victory Celebration:

When your house wins the House Cup:

You saying your goodbyes for the summer:

The Harry Potter GIF challenge!

The 7th gif in your folder is you receiving your Hogwarts letter:
Yeah…no, I’d be SO freaking excited.

The 12th is your parents faces when you tell them:

Yeah…they’d never believe me. xD

The 32nd is you upon entering Diagon Alley:


The 2nd is your reaction to Platform 9 3/4:

The 50th is you meeting new friends:


The 20th is you trying on the sorting hat:

I REALLY like the sorting hat, I suppose.

The 10th is you eating the feast:

Because I’m worth it!

The 31st is your best friend at Hogwarts:

Best Boy! HECK YES.

The 9th is you during all your classes:

The 4th gif in your folder is you learning to fly:

Guess I’m not so good at flying. I’m afraid of heights anyway. :/

The 44th is you leaving for the summer holidays:

Not a single sickle! not even one! Doesn’t make much sense, but I like it anyway!

The 8th is what you’ll wear to the Yule Ball:

So will I look like Aragorn or just plain fabulous?

The 36th is your boggart:

Belle is my boggart? Alrighty then…

The 23rd is you visiting Hogsmeade for the first time:|

This is actually pretty much how I’d feel.

The 30th is you returning home for Christmas:

the 41st is you finding out about Voldemort’s return:

…guess I’m a Voldemort fangirl…

The 18th is your reaction to Umbridge’s appointment as Hogwarts High Inquisitor:


The 13th is your reaction to Dumbledore’s death:


The 22nd is you finding out you failed one of your N.E.W.T.’s:

I’d feel like this if I PASSED one of my N.E.W.T.’s!

The last GIF is your reaction to defeating the Dark Lord:

No comment…

Whe you see your friends at school after the weekend:

Armstrong is such a great charcter for expressing how you feel through gifs XD

When your friends leave after a sleepover:

What I feel like now that I’ve finished my homework: