Loki gif challenge

Three gifs from the end is your reaction when you first meet Loki

50th gif is what you do when he asks you to/makes you join his army

33th gif is how you feel after defeating your first Avenger.

Apparently, Hawkeye has “joined” your side. 26th gif is your reaction.

47th gif is how you feel when Loki lets you try on his helmet.

Loki says he’s developing feelings for you. 11th gif is your reaction.

Oh dear, now Loki’s been captured. React with your 17th gif.

New York is being invaded by aliens! 35th gif is how you feel.

You run in to find Loki smashed and pulverised on the floor. Your 7th gif is how you respond.

Loki is being taken back to Asgard in a muzzle. Last gif is how that makes you feel.

To North Carolina:

Why the fuck would you pass amendment one?! I am ashamed to live in this Bible thumping state. Why?!!!!

Amendment One doesn’t even really affect homosexuals. There is ALREADY a law against gay marriage here. This law affects widows, victims of domestic violence, and the children of unmarried parents; gay or straight. Congratulations, NC! You just fucked yourself over because you are ignorant as fuck.

I would like to thank those who did vote against it, though! You guys rock :D

gif challenge. use every third gif

Your parents’s reaction when you were born:

How you felt on the first day of school:

Your reaction when you learned how to ride a bike:

Your reaction to getting a birthday present from your best friend:

How you felt when you got your first crush:

How your first crush felt when you told them:

Your reaction to your parents sitting you down to have “The Talk”:

How you felt waiting for your exam results:

Your reaction to failing an exam:

Reaction to passing an exam:

Your reaction to having a crush on your professor:

Your reaction to graduating:

Your reaction to finding a good job:

The rest of your life:

gif game

This is you (18th Gif)

This is your best friend (5th Gif)

This is what your parents are like (20th gif)

What you do when you’re alone (12th gif)

How strangers see you (30th gif)

Your taste in music (last gif)

If you had super powers they would be (17th gif)

You in the morning (2nd gif):

Your thoughts at work (8th gif)

Your reaction to being asked out (24th gif)

What you do on a friday night (11th gif)

What you do on weekends (40th gif)

What you do when you should be working (5th to last gif)

Your feelings of the world (20th to last gif)

How you die (50th gif)

People at your funeral (10th to last)

Sherlock gif challenge

The 3rd gif in your folder is your reaction to first meeting Sherlock:

The 15th gif in your folder is how you feel when you first meet Moriarty:

The 6th gif in your folder is your reaction to watching Sherlock jump off of the roof of St Barts:

The 21st gif in your folder is how you feel when Irene Adler seduces you:

The 9th gif in your folder is the villain you will be hunting down with Sherlock and John:

The second to last gif in your folder expresses your relationship with Mycroft Holmes:

The 34th gif in your folder is what you say to John Watson when you first move in:

The very last gif in your folder is how you feel when Sherlock takes your pulse:

Not doing any homework today…

Harry Potter Gif story (using every 3rd gif in folder)

Your reaction to getting your Hogwarts letter:

Your parents’ reaction:

You in Diagon Alley:

Boarding the Hogwarts Express:

Eating a Chocolate Frog:

Taking the boats across the lake:

Some people that talk to you:

What you think of being their friend:

Wearing the Sorting Hat:

Your House’s reaction when you sit at their table:

When you first see a ghost:

What you think of Professor Dumbledore:

What you do in class:

You and your friends are always doing this:

Your reaction to being called a Mudblood:

The person insulting you:

The first time you get points for your house:

What you get Detention for:

You in Detention:

You at Quidditch Trial:

When you get selected for the Quidditch Team:

Your friends’ reactions:

You asking someone to the Yule Ball:

Their reaction:

You at the Yule Ball:

You at the Quidditch Final:

Your reaction when you win:

You at the Victory Celebration:

When your house wins the House Cup:

You saying your goodbyes for the summer:

The Harry Potter GIF challenge!

The 7th gif in your folder is you receiving your Hogwarts letter:
Yeah…no, I’d be SO freaking excited.

The 12th is your parents faces when you tell them:

Yeah…they’d never believe me. xD

The 32nd is you upon entering Diagon Alley:


The 2nd is your reaction to Platform 9 3/4:

The 50th is you meeting new friends:


The 20th is you trying on the sorting hat:

I REALLY like the sorting hat, I suppose.

The 10th is you eating the feast:

Because I’m worth it!

The 31st is your best friend at Hogwarts:

Best Boy! HECK YES.

The 9th is you during all your classes:

The 4th gif in your folder is you learning to fly:

Guess I’m not so good at flying. I’m afraid of heights anyway. :/

The 44th is you leaving for the summer holidays:

Not a single sickle! not even one! Doesn’t make much sense, but I like it anyway!

The 8th is what you’ll wear to the Yule Ball:

So will I look like Aragorn or just plain fabulous?

The 36th is your boggart:

Belle is my boggart? Alrighty then…

The 23rd is you visiting Hogsmeade for the first time:|

This is actually pretty much how I’d feel.

The 30th is you returning home for Christmas:

the 41st is you finding out about Voldemort’s return:

…guess I’m a Voldemort fangirl…

The 18th is your reaction to Umbridge’s appointment as Hogwarts High Inquisitor:


The 13th is your reaction to Dumbledore’s death:


The 22nd is you finding out you failed one of your N.E.W.T.’s:

I’d feel like this if I PASSED one of my N.E.W.T.’s!

The last GIF is your reaction to defeating the Dark Lord:

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