My Memoirs of a Geisha DVD is finally here!!!!

My dad just called to tell me he drove through Lima, Ohio.

I was like:


My cousin is coming home for a week in July! I get a whole week with him! 

My day has officially been MADE. When I see him, I’m gonna be all:

Guise, you don’t understand. He is my like, my brother, and he lives so darn far away in Oklahoma. :( But he’s coming home, so :D

Seriously? 6 followers in a day?! I honestly love all of you :D

Loki gif challenge

Three gifs from the end is your reaction when you first meet Loki

50th gif is what you do when he asks you to/makes you join his army

33th gif is how you feel after defeating your first Avenger.

Apparently, Hawkeye has “joined” your side. 26th gif is your reaction.

47th gif is how you feel when Loki lets you try on his helmet.

Loki says he’s developing feelings for you. 11th gif is your reaction.

Oh dear, now Loki’s been captured. React with your 17th gif.

New York is being invaded by aliens! 35th gif is how you feel.

You run in to find Loki smashed and pulverised on the floor. Your 7th gif is how you respond.

Loki is being taken back to Asgard in a muzzle. Last gif is how that makes you feel.


I never thought that I would be that emotionally invested in Doctor Who. When Rose realized she was stuck in the parallel universe and started banging on the walls, I got teary. Then when she and the Doctor say goodbye on the beach in Norway, I broke down. Seriously, I cried like a baby. I was like:

Then for the rest of the day I was like:

(Side note: This post is yet another reminder of how much I love using gifs XD)

I had a weird dream last night!

In my dream, I was talking to Darren Criss

Joe Walker

Joe Moses
 ( ^how is this the only gif I have of him?!)

and Joey Richter

Anyway, I was just hanging out with them and somehow DragonCon came up. I was telling them that I wasn’t going this year because it’s in Geogia this year(even though it’s in Georgia every year). I explained to them that I hate Georgia - which is totally untrue; my very amazing cousin Chloe lives there (love you, girl!), and the majority of my family is from there. Then Darren just goes “It’s okay, I hate Georgia too. They don’t support gay marriage.” Then he left the room and I woke up.

It was really strange. I’ve never even been to DragonCon.

glee gif challenge

1st gif in your folder is your first day at school:

9th gif is when you hear there’s a Glee club starting:

21st gif is is your audition:

4th gif is when you realize you got accepted into Glee club:

17th gif is when you realize everyone who tried out got into the club too:

94th gif is your first day in club:

33rd gif is when your crush joins the club:

38th gif is when you and your crush do a duet:

48th gif is when your crush breaks your heart and you do a solo about it:

49th gif is when your club performs at sectionals:

27th gif is when you guys win:

11th gif is a sum of all the drama that goes down before Regionals:

66th gif is the pep talk that happens right before you guys go on stage:

14th gif is your performance at Regionals:

2nd gif is when you guys win:

59th gif is all the drama that goes down before Nationals:

100th is when your crush tell you they love you right before you go on stage:

8th is your performance at Nationals:

70th is when you find out you guys don’t win:

54th is when you guys get back to your school:

And your last gif is what happens over the summer before all the crap starts again:

Guise, ask me a question, and I’ll ask you one :)


new gif challenge (every 5th gif)

if you were locked in a room with someone, what would you do?

if you had one day left to live, what would you do?

what would you do if you were a tribute in the hunger games?

how would you act if you were the last person on earth?

if you met your fave band?

if u met your fave singer?

if you sang the national anthem on live television?

if u married your celeb crush?

if u ate a whole cake by yourself?

if you went swimming in shark infested waters?

if your voice was used for a new disney princess?

if you became as famous as Justin Bieber?

if you watched spongebob for 24 hours with no breaks?

if you became a superhero?

if you never found anyone to love?